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There are records of organised sailing and racing in Mount's Bay dating from the middle of the nineneenth century. Indeed, the Club's "Mitchell Cup" dates from this period.

In 1903 the Annual Conference of the West of England Yacht and Sailing Clubs adopted the 18ft Jolly Boat Class. Major the Hon. Edward St. Aubyn bought one and sailed in Mount's Bay under the Royal Yacht Squadron flag. When he left for service in Egypt he gave her to the Mount Men and she was renamed "Mount Lily".

By the 1930s the population of the Mount had increased and more people became interested in sailing. Formal series racing was introduced on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Weekend sailing was reserved for the Regattas.

The Mount's Bay Sailing Club was formally founded in 1938.

In 1946 the Club picked up the threads after the war. The small fleet of Jolly Boats was increased to eight with the purchase of three similar boats from the Scilly Isles. They were "Westwind", "Sheila" and "Happy Days". The helmsmen soon gained formidable reputations and competitive dinghy racing in Mount's Bay was firmly re-established. Summer regattas took place between the Mount's Bay and Scilly Isles fleets.

The Club held its first Annual Dinner in November 1949.

Uffa Fox visiting St. Michael's Mount In 1954 Uffa Fox brought his latest design, the 18 foot Jollity (these were the first planing hull dinghies), to Mount's Bay. It was purchased by Lord St. Levan and named "Judy". By 1956 there were five Jollities in the Club.

Uffa Fox is pictured in the white coat with officials of the Club, including the then Lord St. Levan and the Hon. John St. Aubyn, on St. Michael's Mount.

Marine plywood and resin glues developed during the war allowed new dinghies to be designed making the most of this new technology. When Ian Proctor designed the Osprey (originally as a three man boat without a trapeze), it did not take long before a fleet of Ospreys became established at Mount's Bay; two of them were built in the old chapel. At one stage the Club counted 40 Ospreys in its fleet and Club members have won the National Championships on nine occasions. The Osprey remains an established Club class today.

As dinghy sailing grew in popularity there was a demand for a wider range of boats to sail and over the years the Club adopted the Enterprise, Laser and Mirror classes. More recently still, the Club has accepted monohull handicap fleet racing which allows members to race many of the latest designs from which new Club fleets may evolve.

The early years of this century have seen Club members campaigning Lasers and Mirrors at European and World Championship events, including the 2003 Mirror World Championships in Australia and the 2007 Mirror World Championships in South Africa.

Since 1959 the Club has built up an enviable reputation for holding some of the best organised National Championships in Britain. In 2000 we hosted the Enterprise World Championships - our hosting of that event won the Club the Royal Thames Yacht Club's 1840 Challenge Cup.

In 2004 the Club hosted the Laser Nationals - 299 boats participated which provided a magnificent spectacle in the Bay. A full history of championship events may be found in the past events section of the championships pages of our web site.